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About Portia Luma
22 Sep 2017

About Portia Luma

Portia Luma Profile Portia Luma is a

22 Sep 2017

Portia Luma Profile

Portia Luma is a Cape Town based female DJ, specialising in afro house and has a passion for performing live, designing clothes and hosting events. Portia also finds the time to attend class at Varsity college where she is currently completing a diploma in Business & Marketing Management.

  1. What is your DJ Name?

    Portia Luma

  2. Where are you from?

    Butterworth, Eastern Cape

  3. What city do you currently reside in?

    Cape Town, Western Cape.

  4. How long have you been in the industry?

    I’ve been in the industry since 2016.

  5. What is your favourite track to mix with currently?

    My single, “Ubomi” (feat Liyanna B & Bee Deejay).

  6. What are your biggest achievements as a DJ?

    First and foremost, my biggest achievement so far would be releasing my debut single within one year of being in the industry, and subsequently having it debut internationally as well as locally on radio stations such as Metro FM. Secondly, I am the only female DJ to progress beyond the knockout stages of the Viceroy Makoya Mix DJ Competition as well as reach the regional finals. I have also been a brand influencer for Clarins, and Listerine.

  7. What genre of music do you play?

    I play primarily house music but I can also play hip hop.

  8. What made you want to become a DJ?

    My love for music, which started at quite a young age. I had to put a hold on it because of school taking priority, but luckily was able to return once I was out of high school and varsity. I also had a mentor who saw the passion that I had and encouraged me to turn it into more.

  9. What was your biggest gig/s?

    2017 Viceroy Makoya Mix DJ Competition Regional Finals.

  10. What are your personal interests, besides music?

    Marketing (I am currently studying towards my degree), Make-Up Artistry (freelance), Entrepreneurship (I co-own a clothing brand as well as manage an artist and entertainment company).

  11. What is your favourite quote?

    “If the opportunity does not present itself, go out there and create it yourself”

  12. What artist do you find most inspirational, and why?

    DJ Zinhle – she is one of few female DJs to have succeeded not only as a DJ but also a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

  13. Where do you find inspiration for your music?

    I am a very religious and emotional person. I draw inspiration based on my emotions and what I am experiencing or going through. To add to this, I also tend to look at what is happening around me and address that through music.

  14. What are the top 10 tips you would give to a female DJ starting out?
    1. There’s enough space for everyone in the industry, do not rush yourself.
    2. If the opportunity does not present itself, create your own.
    3. Be willing to try, even if it may result in failure at first.
    4. Invest in yourself and your brand.
    5. Always be determined in what you do.
    6. Stay as authentic as possible as this will set you apart from everyone else.
    7. Work hard and be passionate about your work.
    8. Be eager to learn all the time.
    9. Connect with fans, they appreciate it when they can engage with you.
    10. Play to your strengths as this will also enable you to build an identity

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