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Sisterhood: Support on the Decks
07 Mar 2018

Sisterhood: Support on the Decks

Sisterhood: Support on the Decks “The strongest

07 Mar 2018

Sisterhood: Support on the Decks

“The strongest women are those that build up the women around them, instead of tearing them down”

Being a woman is a constant battle in any industry. But one thing that women can offer one another, particularly female DJ’s, is unconditional support.

Sisterhood in the Industry.
It is a promising time for women in the music industry right now. Female DJ’s continue to flourish in this male dominated industry and it is quite amazing to see the women in the helping and empowering each other on the decks, rather than trying to compete with each other. They are getting more and more supportive of fellow female DJs and this is sisterhood! By helping each other grow and standing strong together, female DJs can challenge stereotypes, sexism and strive harder for equal opportunities.

Fearless Support.
This industry definitely has more female DJ’s killing it on stage, but what often gets overlooked is how they are supporting each other more than ever. These ladies aren’t afraid to do or say what they want and truly have fearless female voices. However, they realise the importance of sticking together to make their voice even stronger.

The Balancing Act.
As it should be in the music industry, there is a natural competitive spirit among female DJs, but these ladies also understand the importance of working together and empowering each other. They are running away from the notion that women have to compete and compare on the basis of how they look and act. Working with each other closely kills that way of thinking; it empowers and helps them create a healthy competitive environment that produces beautiful music.

As a new female DJ, you too can become part of this SISTERHOOD and reap the benefits. Always surround yourself with other powerful, driven women in the industry. Don’t see them purely as competition, but rather as a network of strength and mutual support.

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