About Deniece Marz

About Deniece Marz

Deniece Marz Profile

Deniece Marz (Full name Xoliswa Denise Moyo) is a musician, live mix dj, producer and fashion design graduate. Deniece grew up in a very musical home with her father being a jazz bassist, her uncle a hip-hop enthusiast and her brother, a music producer. When she is not performing, she spends her time collecting music and being involved in the fashion industry.

  1. What is your DJ Name?Deniece Marz.
  2. Where are you from?Johannesburg, South Africa.
  3. What city do you currently reside in?Johannesburg
  4. How long have you been in the industry?For 3 years.
  5. What is your favourite track to mix with currently?At the moment, ‘Messenger’ by Potatohead People.
  6. What are your biggest achievements as a DJ?So far, being booked by Afropunk for their small events and main event in 2017.
  7. What genre of music do you play?A mix of many genres. Mostly Electronic, Hip-Hop and House.
  8. What made you want to become a DJ?My love for music made me fall in love with DJ’ing.
  9. What was your biggest gig/s?Afropunk, Sneakerness and 2Sides of the Beat.
  10. What are your personal interests, besides music?Fashion and Art in general.
  11. What is your favourite quote?“Space is the Place”
  12. What artist do you find most inspirational, and why?Sun-Ra. Because of his influence in the Afrofuturism movement.
  13. Where do you find inspiration for your music?My Father, Uncle and brother.
  14. What are the top 10 tips you would give to a female DJ starting out?
    1. Not everyone is your friend.
    2. There are more people who know about you than you think, so ensure that you are not just a DJ but a whole brand.
    3. Practice as much as possible.
    4. DON’T DO DRUGS.
    5. Stay healthy, exercise and drink lots of water.
    6. Take advantage of the fact that you are a female DJ. You have people’s attention with the fact that you are a female DJ. Use this as an opportunity to showcase who you are.
    7. Always be careful of the bookings you get. Sometimes people just book you to try to get intimate with you.
    8. Never go to gigs alone.
    9. Never do it just for money and/or attention. Always remember why you started DJ’ing in the first place (for the love of music and DJ’ing).

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