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The living embodiment of confidence and positive body image, Chloe Nuelle Kellermann is a powerhouse of positivity; who believes strongly in woman-power and loving your body as it is.  The vibrant Chloe is not just a model, but also is a lifeguard, medic and a final year student of Psychology at UCT, Cape Town.  

In everything she does, Chloe brings her A-game; spreading the word of positive self- image. She is at the top of her Social game, and  kills it on Instagram, with over 49.7K current followers.  Chloe encourages her followers to embrace their woman-power, aspire to great ambition and to be 100% comfortable in their own skin.

Chloe’s message to South African woman:

 “Dear South African women, you all are queens regardless of what someone has to say. Your body is not only beautiful but strong. Do not hide because you are letting fear hold you back. Each woman’s body has a story, so tell yours.”

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In 2018, Strawberry Lips partnered with breast cancer awareness movement PinkDrive in a show of support for the educative initiative. Strawberry Lips, is a delectable liqueur made with real cream, laced with premium gold tequila and an unmistakable signature strawberry flavour

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DJ Abby Nurock

Abby Nurock describes herself as a purist. Her emotive relationship with music is her therapy, devoted strictly to vinyl. Infectious dance grooves and the majestic beats of the deeper sounds of house and tech infiltrate the hearts of the crowd.

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Tips from Kia

Tip and things you didn’t know about Kia.
Be authentic in what you do,
Be prepared to work hard and research your music
Respect your fellow colleagues, other DJ’s are working just as hard as you

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South Africa’s summer music scene 2018

It has been a phenomenal year for local music and as the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the last 11 months, the experiences and influences it made on us. Mzansi music (across all genres) has proven to be ground-breaking, earning its’ place on the global map musically.

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Go after your dreams

know sometimes life can be tough and guess what? It’s all in your head. If you stop all the negativity, you will see changes in your life. Trust me it has worked for me.

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Go Natural

So, you always wanted natural hair but you just don’t know how or not sure where to start? Well, I’m here for that and I will help you!
Its stressful to go all natural, I know! It’s all because you are so used to having relaxed hair and I know how frustrating it is to grow natural hair. It is hard to maintain or grow so you have to be very patient and take good care of your hair

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About Kia Johnson

October 29, 2018 | News,OUR DJ’S The unsung hero of the media and entertainment industry The rise and rise of media mogul and mom, Kia Johnson Quirky, ambitious, vivacious, driven and ready for any challenge that comes her way. She’s your traffic-eye in the sky on Radio 2000, Metro FM and SAfm, and has you … Read more…

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Tips and tricks for Halloween

Halloween, that time of year when tricks, treats and just about anything to do with Horror is the norm. Celebrated every year on the 31st October, Halloween originated from traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honouring the dead.

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5 tips for upcoming female DJs by Kimmy k

1. Just do it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make your dreams come true, especially in a male dominated industry.
2. Be active on social media. It’s a great platform to advertise your skills, get your name out there and create your brand.

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Kimmy K’s 10 facts people don’t know

Kimmy K’s 10 facts people don’t know: I used to be a Spanish dancer, a provincial squash player and I also did kickboxing as a hobby.
Before DJing professionally I used to work in Corporate as a Management Consultant specializing in project and Programme Management.

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Breaking into the “boys club”

When listening to music we’re all familiar with popular female vocalists like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Rihanna. These are some of the women who have consistently had hit records, receiving recognition for their work and their concerts continue to fill stadiums, making them multimillionaire household names.

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Skincare tips to live by

It’s not enough to just clean the face just for the sake of it, it has to be thoroughly clean (so clean you can feel it) To make sure the skin is squeaky clean, start with removing oil/dirt/makeup with gentle wipes then a deep cleanser, a facial wash and then toner to get the skin’s PH back to normal.

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