Siya Mfana


Not just a pretty face, Siya Mfana is a multitalented powerhouse. Siya is 20 years old and is from the Eastern Cape. She is a self-taught nail-technician and has turned her love for nail art into a feasible business. The young powerhouse has opened her own business where she can practice her nail artistry. She has built up loyal client base, a beaming Instagram feed and a myriad of followers.

Siya is a student studying a national diploma in entrepreneurship. The combination of her learnings in the classroom and her passion and love for nail artistry made for the recipe of her business success. Being self-taught her skills where developed from practice. She started practicing on friends and class peers and this made for loyalties to her and her brand.

Siya is a role model and a walking example of a woman who has equipped herself and built herself. This strength is so valuable and can be known as building yourself as a brand and Siya, has done a styling job of this.  Siya is a girl-boss and has kicked ass at turning her dreams into reality with her relentless work ethic and devotion to her passions.

Today siyamfana_nailbar has over 4000 Instagram followers. This success story really is one for the books. We look forward to seeing more hurdles climbed by this stunning lady boss. We have no doubt that she can rise to any challenge thrown her way.


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