While 2020 was unpredictable AF, we’ve got all the cheat codes.

We got together some of our favourite ladies in travel, fashion, beauty and food to get their insights on what we can expect for the year to come. The future looks bright babes! Be sure to get your sunnies out and, of course, a bottle of Strawberry Lips!

Sun-kissed actress & writer, Benike Palfi of I Love Foodies is all about the beach, nature, puppies and travelling, but her real obsession lies in what’s on the plate. As the go-to for all our foodie needs, she looked in her cupboard to bring us the biggest food trends of 2021!

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a tough year. And though we aren’t sure whether we should be going out and buying our 2021 daily planners just yet, I reckon we bring the fun back into our lives — and our food! Go, grab some snacks, you’ll need them. Here are four fun-filled food trends that I’m most excited about for 2021!

Go Back to Basics

This year is all about making your life easier, not more difficult. We’ve got enough to deal with on our plates (pun intended). Some nights you just don’t want to cook and need something that’s simple, tasty, and beautifully stress-free. My go-to solution? A simple homestyle feast that can be whipped up in under 30 minutes and that requires virtually no cooking.

It’s also an easy way to make sure you eat a well-balanced meal and you’ll get the joy of trying different foods and sharing the whole experience with the family. Win-win!

Make a few slices of toast cut them into squares, and top with cheese, salami, and ham, skewer up some cheese and gherkins (if you are feeling extravagant you could also add some pickled onions) . Make deviled eggs and top it all off with a helping of rosa tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, parsley, mushrooms and more.

Choose Comfort

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely influenced the way we eat out – and the way we eat in. While fancy gourmet meals and fine dining experiences are always a win, going back to old family favourites is a must as well.

After all, if you’re stressed and worried about the world, why not choose some lasagne as therapy? My personal favourites include spaghetti bolognese, lasagne and potato bake.

Try "rokott krumpli", a Hungarian speciality that's great for the soul and terrible for the waistline. Stuffed with 2kg of sour cream (that's an enormous exaggeration, of course, but the more, the better), bacon, eggs, potatoes, and all the hearty goodness you can think of, this is a comfort food staple in my household that's definitely worth trying.

Order The Dessert

I recently read an article that looked back on 2020 food trends and a surprising discovery was that the consumption of cookies had remarkably increased — even resulting in a cookie shortage in some places!

No doubt, this trend will continue. And, after all, why shouldn’t it? If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s that life is short and uncertain, and it can be so hard. Don’t forget about the fruits and veggies and exercising, of course, but live your life and eat the food that makes you happy.

This year, why not grab the cookie or order the dessert? We’re done skipping puds! Have that bubblegum milkshake and pretend you’re ten years old.

Try Something New

Like These Epic Strawberry Lips Pancakes!
Sure, pancakes are always fun. But do you know what makes them even more fun? Adding a bit of pink and a hint of strawberry flavour – it’s easy to achieve with Strawberry Lips.

Simply make your usual pancake recipe, divide the dough into two bowls and add 2 shots of Strawberry Lips to one of the bowls. So, you’ll end up with one standard pancake mixture and one pink mixture. Then fry your pancakes as standard, and layer them one white, one pink until you get a nice, big pancake stack. Voila, the perfect Sunday morning breakfast is done!

Upgrade your pink Strawberry Lips pancakes by topping with cream, strawberries, sprinkles and of course the pièce de resistance - another dash of Strawberry Lips!

Who says we can’t have fun in 2021? For all your foodie needs, visit the I Love Foodies website and give them a follow on Instagram @ilovefoodiesct and Facebook /ilovefoodiesct.

To find our more about what Benike’s getting up to follow her on Facebook /benikepalfi and Instagram @benikepalfi.

Former major in the SANDF, Bontlefeela Mogoye took her passion for fashion and made it her mission. Today, the fashion stylist has done the impossible, tried to predict fashion trends for 2021!

In 2020 we fully embraced the athleisure look while working remotely and the hottest new accessory was the face mask! So little about the year was predictable but one thing was for sure, whatever we were doing, we made it a look.

Let’s take a peek at the biggest fashion trends to look out for in 2021, whether in the workplace or hanging with the girls.

At Work

Office wear has become so easy to relate to. It’s no longer about being expected to wear a tie and under the knee skirt, tucked in shirt or blouse and a pair of kitten heels. Many corporate organisations have done away with old school protocols and are allowing their staff to wear whatever suits them (as long as you still looking presentable that is!).

Though, you still want to go for the looks that are always in style in the office: white crispy shirt, fitted pants, pleated dress and a belt. Let’s not forget a classy pair of heels, a little bit of colour will do the trick.

Girls Get Together

I firmly believe that fashion is a way of expressing yourself without trying too hard. And what better environment to show off the true you than at a girls get together to share Strawberry Lips over ice. You can never go wrong with a flowy summer dress, a big sun hat, shades and beautiful sandles. Chiffon dresses give it a nice flowy effect and you can update the look with a neck chain.

My favourite go-to outfit is simple but chic: opened-leg long pants with an oversized shirt, finished with a pair of block heels.

Date Night

A dress is not everyone’s cup of tea but for me, a date is not complete without a little black dress. Another stunning piece for people who are not into a little black number, a satin dress with spaghetti stripes always does the trick. Add drop earrings to give it an edgy effect for that powerful date night.

For those who are looking for something a little bit dramatic, I recommend a detailed classic suit with a lace bodysuit that screams bold but quiet. Complete the look with three-inch heels, which will give you some leg elevation. I mean, is it even a date night without those three-inch high heels, ladies?

Dinner Party

Dinner parties are every girl’s best friend, and when everyone dresses up you also want to look the part.

Nothing is more playful than a colourful sequin dress, sequins are fun and quick to attract the eye. We know it is a party but the only drama you need is in your dress. You want something that screams “Look at me, I am here!” with a little bit of edge but keeping it chic. It is a classic look that keeps on making it back every season.

Another favourite of mine is a ruffled tier dress, it adds a little bit of volume but is still not too much fabric. Or add some boujee vibes with a blazer dress – add a chunky belt to create an illusion of an hourglass figure by drawing the eye line to your waist.

Don’t shy away from colour. The bolder the better, you want to stand out in any setting.

And just like the Strawberry Lips bottle, pink has to be one of the most popular colours every fashion closet must-have this season!

As I always say, there is no such thing as too much – especially where pink is involved!

Follow Bontlefeela on Facebook /Bontelfeelab, Twitter @BontlefeelaB and Instagram @bontlefeelab for more fashion looks and tips.

Beauty vlogger and content creator with the brazen personality and G mentality, Landzy Gama takes a peek into her beauty lens to share what 2021 has in store…

Last year really came through with some great trends despite the circumstances, people were serving looks from the comfort of their homes. From your crown to your eyes, let’s see what was in vogue for 2020 and what we should look forward to this year.

Hair Trend

We all know when your hair looks good, you feel good! So, what hairstyles will people be rocking next year? Lately, I have seen a lot of ladies getting their hair laid, honey! What lace? A lot of queens are opting for having lace fronts installed by professionals or going instore and getting their hands on some Got2B Glu. It gives off an effortless and put together look which highlights the face.

Of course, lace fronts have been around for a while but right now they seem to be the style on the streets.

We have more access to salons, all the tools needed to lay our wigs and thousands of hair tutorials to practice with, so I do expect to see you all serving laid edges in 2021!

Lip Trend

What’s hot at the moment seems to be a glossy lip, I know I love me a glossy lip! Whether you’re rocking your favourite matte lip and topping it off with a lip gloss or wearing a gloss on its own, your favourite glossy lip combo brings the whole makeup look together and takes it from a 9 to a 10.

I’ve seen a lot of nude glossy looks, as well as pink glossy (inspired by the new and award-winning bottle of Strawberry Lips) looks matched with a dramatic eye.

At the moment our lips are covered 90% of the time but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear your favourite lipstick. P.S. Please remember to wear a mask, issa pandemic.

Eye Trend

Wearing a mask every day means your eyes do the talking, so they definitely need to stand out! As a result, I have been seeing a lot of beautiful bold eyeshadow looks. And quarantine gave us a lot of time to practice! I’ve seen a lot of matte eyeshadow cut creases, it’s my go-to look especially in our favourite shade of pink like Strawberry Lips. You can never go wrong, it is super easy to achieve.
Finish it off with a pair of dramatic lashes!

What’s a makeup look without lashes? Count me out sis. People are stepping out of their comfort zones and are rocking lashes, whether it’s a dramatic or natural lash.

Scent Trend

When picking a signature scent, keep in mind that that’s the smell people will associate you with. I love being told I smell great and I know it leaves a lasting impression, so I take my perfume selection process very seriously. As of late, I have been loving very floral scents – it smells like spring and sunshine. A scent that draws people in, not because it’s strong but because it smells inviting and makes people want to get to know you. It’s also perfect because it isn’t too overwhelming and is the perfect feminine touch with a dash of elegance.

I see this trend making it into 2021 because why not? To be honest, I don’t ever see it going out of style.

Follow Landzy for more inspiration on Instagram @landzygama and YouTube Landzy Gama.

And, when in doubt, find more beauty inspiration from Strawberry Lips.

Traveller, adventurer and all-round fierce honey, Lerato Lefafa looks into her crystal ball to see how we’ll be travelling this year…

The COVID-19 world pandemic has undoubtedly presented an interesting challenge for both travel operators and travel enthusiasts over the last few months. In South Africa, the initial travel restrictions have been lifted and people can now reconnect with their friends and family across domestic borders.

But tourism post-pandemic is going to look a bit different. Everyone has had to be adaptable and innovative in their approach to travel while sticking to Government regulations that are still in place – for example, social distancing.

So, let’s look at how domestic travel can be a way to get back into the swing of things and save you money. Here are some 2021 local travel trends, which may serve as a few reasons to travel more within our borders:


This makes for the easiest travel option as you do not have to travel out of your city or province to discover new things. It also means less planning because who has time for that. We can all attest to transport and accommodation being the biggest costs when travelling, so with a staycation, you get to save and instead you that cash on food, drinks and entertainment.

There are so many destinations to try that are just two hours away.

Like with peak and off-peak seasons, most local hotels, spas and resorts have midweek deals where it is often cheaper to book during the week vs the weekend. Here are my top picks for destinations that are just two hours away!

  • Joburg: Muldersdrift or Magaliesberg
  • Durban: Port Shepstone or Midlands Meander
  • Cape Town: Paternoster or Yzerfontein


Discount deals are on the rise, especially on social media. A new marketing style that hotels have adopted to excite travellers about their offerings is by having influencers and/or digital content creators visit their establishments to create beautiful and relatable content to then be shared on their respective platforms for their audiences to access discounted deals for bookings.

So, keep your eyes peeled on their ‘grams so you don’t miss out!

I have a couple of go-to 'grammers on my list. These are my two favourites:

Niche Travel

Why not look to the travel experts to plan your trips as reliable sources for travel information? The bonus is that COVID-19 has made travel agencies way more innovative in terms of the services they offer so that they can stand out from the crowd. Focusing on specific niche markets within travel has been one way to do this, like corporate travel, budget travel and luxury travel.

I recommend visiting agency websites for local luxury travel deals at special prices. Try these two:

Group Trips

Group travel is on the up and up, but it is still important that health and safety precautions are adhered to. This travel option often includes a planned itinerary from transport and accommodation to activities in a chosen location and are a budget-friendly way to explore and connect with new people.

Use trusted group travel operators who offer bang for your buck. These are my two go-to's:

Now that you have seen that South African travel can be affordable, it is time to take good advantage of this and experience new things.

Visit www.leratolefafa.com or follow @Lerato_Lefafa on Instagram for more travel tips.

And don’t forget, no matter the day of the week or the destination, no holiday is complete without a bottle of Strawberry Lips!


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You Choose


Have we got your attention now? A campaign that speaks nothing but truth. This October we are asking South Africans to choose to fly in our new Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.


Boobs, Boobs, Boobs. 

Have we got your attention now? A campaign that speaks nothing but truth. This October we are asking South Africans to choose to fly in our new Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, some are small, some are large. We push them up, we strap them down, we let them hang free. They go through the most. We love our breasts but, if we don’t get up close and personal with them, they could be the death of us. Guys, gals and non-binary folk let’s chat breast cancer.

As true supporters of sisterhood, this October Strawberry Lips is spreading the message that by getting tested you are choosing to live your best life.

Every year, the brand with the most ups the ante to spread the message that young people need to check their breasts, and this year, we are taking that message to the stratosphere!

Everyone’s favourite strawberry-flavoured liqueur with a touch of tequila wants you to choose to fly, choose life by getting tested in our latest Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign, #YouChoose, complete with a kickass video and awesome prizes. Why? Because breast cancer doesn’t just affect you when you are older. It can strike at any age. 

Our brand ambassador, Lady Amar exclaims “I love life, that’s why I choose to get tested during Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” Now, it’s your turn to live life to the fullest with me by getting tested.”

Join the conversation, share your stories and support the movement by contributing to essential breast checks and educational drives.

Sip & Share

Strawberry Lips is the instigator of a good time. It’s fun, it’s laced with tequila, it’s pink. And every girlfriends get together has to be with Strawberry Lips.

Holiday Spirits

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