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About DJ Swanky
31 Jan 2018

About DJ Swanky

DJ Swanky Profile Tshepiso “Swanky” Manyaapelo is

31 Jan 2018

DJ Swanky Profile

Tshepiso “Swanky” Manyaapelo is Cape Town based pro DJ who recently graduated from DJ Zintle’s Fuse Academy with a Gold certificate. Swanky is also a MC/Host with a voice full of energy and has a great passion for fashion, radio, television and all things media. With extensive experience in the corporate sector, her mind is a bank of knowledge which certify her as not just a pretty face, but also a formidable voice.

  1. What is your DJ Name?


  2. Where are you from?

    Cape Town.

  3. What city do you currently reside in?

    Cape Town, Gugulethu.

  4. How long have you been in the industry?

    It will be a year this year.

  5. What is your favourite track to mix with currently?

    Wyro – Lem.

  6. What are your biggest achievements as a DJ?

    This opportunity is definitely my biggest achievement by far as it will assist with my brand growth.

  7. What genre of music do you play?

    Any sound with Electro elements with a combination of African beats.

  8. What made you want to become a DJ?

    The love of entertaining.

  9. What was your biggest gig/s?

    Being a new DJ, I’m yet to experience that.

  10. What are your personal interests, besides music?

    Apart from being a DJ, I am a MC, Vocalist and aspiring radio and TV personality.

  11. What is your favourite quote?

    “Practise like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.”

  12. What artist do you find most inspirational, and why?

    Black Coffee, music definitely chose him. I love his story.

  13. Where do you find inspiration for your music?

    My past. Most songs I have on my list have a story behind it.

  14. What are the top 10 tips you would give to a female DJ starting out?
    1. Rule number one to remember is that good DJs aren’t born, they are made, if you have a passion, go for it.
    2. Always remember that behind every great DJ, there is a wealth of clubbing, mix sharing and general music loving. So be ready to party up a storm.
    3. Be aware that there are so many DJs on the industry, so make sure to develop your unique taste/style as you develop your DJ skills.
    4. Focus hard on your music collection, and always update it, according to your style.
    5. You should always be willing to work hard and go that extra mile .
    6. ALWAYS!!! remember that nobody is indispensable.
    7. Always look and act the part and no I don’t mean carry headphones everywhere (hahahaha) but protect and represent yourself and what you are building for yourself
    8. Find time to Detox from gigging.
    9. Be inspiring, Be different but mostly importantly be you.
    10. and HAVE FUN…

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