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The Rise of the She-J
29 Dec 2017

The Rise of the She-J

The Rise of the She-J It may

29 Dec 2017

The Rise of the She-J

It may have started as a crawl, but female DJs are making their mark on the industry and embracing the challenging journey nonetheless.

At first the doubt and skepticism was tangible when a girl claims to be a DJ. Frankly these reactions still exist, but the music industry has finally opened its ears to hear the cry of the female DJ. It is no secret that male DJs are still dominating the playing field, but they’ve been receiving more and more competition from prominent females in the industry.

You’re good…for a girl. As a male dominated industry the words “You’re good… for a girl” are too often heard by female DJs. They feel they need to work so much harder to break past the gendered compliments and reach a place where “You’re good” is said and meant without any.

The industry has evolved over the last few years, up to a point where more and more opportunities arise for female DJs to shine and show the world their worth. However, despite these platforms opening up there are still a train of hurdles to overcome on the road to success.

The good, the bad and the ugly. Being a female DJ means you are constantly underestimated. But, that may well be the very best position to be in, because you have so much room to impress the doubters. That initial barrier to success can be broken if given the chance to step onto the stage. And that’s why more platforms are needed to give up-and-coming She-Js the chance to show the world how they shine.

Unfortunately, even when a female DJ wins over those who doubted her, the industry constantly undervalues female DJs which limits their potential enormously. Being underpaid leaves female DJs desperate for any gig or opportunity and makes them extremely vulnerable to exploitation. This is exacerbated by the fact that people tend not to take you seriously as a business woman. But as a female DJ you need to keep pushing back.

It’s time to stand tall and raise your voice The most important thing to do while you make a name for yourself as a female DJ is to never compromise on what you want and stand your ground. It’s a tough fight to get to the top, but luckily the females DJs in the industry support and encourage each other plenty. The music industry just needs more female role models to show young girls the way and help them on the road to success.

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