Tips and things you didn't know about Kia

Kia Johnson – 10 things we didn’t know about Kia

  1. I love listening to classical music, my favourite composers are Chopin and Erik Satie
  2. Besides music, my garden is my other happy place.
  3. Not to boast, but I cook delicious vegan meals.
  4. I can’t stand rats, something about those long tails freak me out!
  5. I’ve played basketball before, although I wasn’t very good at it.
  6. I used to love dancing on bar speakers (I think I still do).
  7. I am no Aretha Franklin, but I can definitely sing!
  8. I have a high tolerance for pain.
  9. I get cold very quickly; my nose and feet always bear the brunt of it as they feel like they turn into icicles, and lastly
  10. I can still do a handstand and the bridge, which are currently being used as party tricks!

Kia Johnson – Five tips to upcoming female DJ’s

  1. Be authentic in what you do,
  2. Be prepared to work hard and research your music
  3. Respect your fellow colleagues, other DJ’s are working just as hard as you
  4. Be mindful and play for your audience
  5. Keep on trend with the industry, it changes all the time

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Tips from Kia

Tip and things you didn’t know about Kia.
Be authentic in what you do,
Be prepared to work hard and research your music
Respect your fellow colleagues, other DJ’s are working just as hard as you

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About Kia Johnson

October 29, 2018 | News,OUR DJ’S The unsung hero of the media and entertainment industry The rise and rise of media mogul and mom, Kia Johnson Quirky, ambitious, vivacious, driven and ready for any challenge that comes her way. She’s your traffic-eye in the sky on Radio 2000, Metro FM and SAfm, and has you … Read more…

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